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We specialize in international trade between Turkey and the Gulf region countries. We try our best to fulfill your business objectives in quickest, least risky and most economic manner. Contact us regarding your inquires regarding market search for export from and import to Turkey.

Logistics and customs consulting

We also can provide you with most accurate and economic ways regarding your logistics and custom operations. Whether you are looking for a faster  way to deliver your goods or to reduce your costs, we are willing to do the market search  for you for free. Contact us for competitive quotes.

Residence and work permit consulting for Turkey

Obtaining a residence visa, followed by a work visa, can be a difficult process in Turkey for those who are misguided. We make your life easier by offering full money back guarantee if your application is rejected. Contact us for the most update information regarding work and residence visa application for Turkey.

Residence and work permit consulting for Turkey

International food trading

Food trading is one of your main businesses. In particular, we specialize in frozen chicken and rice trading. Contact us for very competitive quotes on these two items or to discuss future partnerships on other items.